With POLIFINA, SWARCO has incorporated for the first time its decades of experience in plastics processing into street lighting production. Due to its polycarbonate housing, POLIFINA not only offers significantly reduced weight, but also scores points for its ease of installation and maintenance.

Its contemporary, timeless design allows it to blend in seamlessly
into a wide range of different environmental scenarios. The design has deliberately gone for function over form which was developed in collaboration with a design agency.

Optimized for vertical lighting classes in conformity with EN13201. The classical design coupled with state-of-the-art LED technology guarantees optimized lighting for decades.

Resistant Polycarbonate Housing

Reduction in Life Cycle Costs

Less Weight

Sensor and Smart City-Ready

More Benefits

  • UV-stable, weather- and impact-resistant polycarbonate housing (more than 30 years in use)
  • Significant reduction in life cycle costs and in the product carbon footprint (CO2-footprint)
  • Less weight, innovative and easy-to-handle design
  • Driver unit is accessible and changed without tools
  • Cover is anchored during removal
  • Simple cable entry
  • Guide pins for simple assembly
  • Electrical isolating switch for immediate switch-off when it is opened