CITERA Style Stylish Efficiency

The CITERA Style is a perfect street light, particularly for roads in residential areas and for cycle paths because it guides the light onto the road with optimum effect, aiding navigation and safety.

Its advantages include its functional and visually sophisticated design, ease of installation and maintenance, excellent light output and minimal energy consumption.

Quick Installation

Less Weight

LED Multi-Layer System

Comfortlight for Pleasant Light Atmosphere

More Benefits

  • Quick and easy pole mounting by two screws
  • Opened without tools
  • Tolless exchange of driver unit
  • Toolless light source replacement (optional)
  • Connecting cable included
  • Top-mounting piece for Ø 60 mm or 76 mm
  • Electrical isolating switch for immediate switchoff when it is opened
  • Secure locking of the cover by stainless steel interlock